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corporate philosophy

Corporate mission: to provide domestic and foreign customers with products and services.
As a petroleum tool processing enterprise, the horizon of Texas has always regarded "providing customers with high quality and reliable products and quick and thoughtful service" as its glorious mission, wholeheartedly consolidating product quality, concentrating on market services, providing consumers with fast and timely , Thoughtful, user-friendly service.

Corporate Vision: Be the most respected industry leader.
1. Honest and trustworthy, civilized management;
2. Customer service, value-added customers, self-achievement;
3. Respect the society, repay the society, clarify the corporate social responsibility and pay attention to the corporate social image;
4. People-oriented, respect for employee rights.

Business philosophy: technological innovation, brand business, quality first, honesty
Technological Innovation - Taking Technological Innovation as the Motive Force for Sustainable Development of the Company;
Brand business - to establish the company's core brand, improve the brand's core values;
Quality first - to provide customers with first-class products, always give top priority to product quality;
Integrity-based - the integrity of the company as a cornerstone of development.

Business principles: the preservation of conventional products Paul, new products ensure efficiency, management innovation and development.
Enterprise Mission: integrity management, efficiency comes first;
Business principles: technological innovation, keep up with the market;
Entrepreneurship: dedication, reform and innovation;
Corporate Ethics: Civilization, Trustworthiness, Compliance, Law-abiding
Business direction: do first-class enterprises, a brand name industry.

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